2 Conferences, 10 goals

It’s now two-thirds of the way through the ALIA Information Online conference, and if I was overwhelmed before, well, I’m not sure how to describe myself now. Attending two back-to-back conferences seemed like a great way to get a large dose of professional development, however, I’ve discovered there’s such a thing as overdoing it. While I’m recovering from mild exhaustion and brain fatigue, I thought I’d make a list of the ideas I’d like to apply upon my return.

1. Late last year, I introduced a WordPress blog as a communication tool between liaison librarians and our faculty. Some of my colleagues have taken to it quite well, and I’d like to pair the more experienced bloggers with the less experienced to increase use of the blog and the skills in my team.

2. Building upon this, I’d also like to workshop some realistic, clear expectations relating to the type and amount of content added to our blog, as well as how frequently we need to post. I also want to ensure that the blog is accessible and easy to use, as user experience is just as important as content.

3. Facilitate a workshop within my team to introduce concepts of design thinking, particularly imagining a persona and developing context-specific solutions for our work environment.

4. I’m a member of the Emerging Technologies Group at my institution, and later this year I will be organising a technology information session. I was planning to discuss mobile applications, however following a session today, I might like to look at “smart space” technology.

5. When I return to a project I’ve been working on regarding the future of the liaison librarian role at my university, I might also consider some broader futurist literature. The future can be thought of as a space of plural possibilities, and I would like to present some broad scenarios to my co-workers to encourage thought and discussion.

6. Later this year, I will be volunteering in a library in a developing country (I will dedicate an entire post to this in the weeks to come). It’s difficult to find information about this particular location online and I would love to facilitate some Wikipedia editing classes with my colleagues-to-be to increase the online presence of this community.

7. I’d like to more attention the customer service situations in which I am the customer, so that I might improve my own service. Similarly, I’m aiming to observe how people use technology in public places, and perhaps adjust the library’s service accordingly.

8. As a personal goal, I’d like to educate myself about open access. I think I have a handle on the green versus gold fundamentals, but that’s about the extent of it. I would like to do some research, and possible even some training, which may even result in a blog post or two.

9. As far as professional behaviours go, I’d like to practice mindfulness. I would also like to accept failure as a part of the learning process, remember that when first acquiring a skill, the peak of frustration comes right before the breakthrough.

10. Finally, keep the discussion going! At the very real risk of being corny, I have met some very passionate people over the last week, and these are connections I aim to keep.

As someone who, frankly, sucks at setting realistic goals, I hope that these are achievable and valuable. Are they good, or terrible? Perhaps, like everything else, I will only discover this as I go?

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